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  • WebGL / Unity

    If you are visiting this site from your smartphone, you’ll most likely get a warning which you can ignore!

  • Unity / ARCore

  • AI Prototype [UE4]

    some prototyping of an utility AI. The AI Agents are influenced by the "MaggotMaster" until they are converted to "Prayers". As soon as they start to pray, the MaggotMaster can consume energy from them as well as grow its infulence.
  • Unity3D portal prototype

    experimenting with Amplified Shader Editor in Unity for the first time.
  • [devlog]no more timeplase!

  • [devlog] starry sky

  • [devlog] back in the game

    after a while I got back to my videogame project. Making some nice progress.

  • [devlog] Houdini Character Tool

  • Unreal Engine 4 Project – Personal – Game

      This is my first attemp of making a tiny game with Unreal Engine 4. After doing research for a while and testing the features of the engine, I got motivated to do a mini project that is focused on a single asset. Trying hard to keep the modeling and shading simple so I don’t…

  • [CINEMA 4D / Python] Mixamo To UE4 Weight Transfer Plugin

      Cinema 4D Python – Mixamo To UE4 Weight Transfer Plugin I wrote a “tiny” script which transfers the weights of a mixamo rigged character to the Unreal Engine 4 default rig. Pretty handy if you want to use your character in UE4 out of the box. Super quick prototyping without the ugly (I love…