[CINEMA 4D / Python] Mixamo To UE4 Weight Transfer Plugin


Cinema 4D Python – Mixamo To UE4 Weight Transfer Plugin

I wrote a “tiny” script which transfers the weights of a mixamo rigged character to the Unreal Engine 4 default rig.
Pretty handy if you want to use your character in UE4 out of the box. Super quick prototyping without the ugly (I love him but he is ugly) mannequine, guess it will work with Allright Rig too (http://alexallright.com/allrightrig/).

Thanks to plugincafe.com for the great userbase and resources!

My goals for the next version of the script:

  • transfer mixamo weights to other rigs (like the advanced biped of Cinema 4D)
  • baking mixamo animations to other rigs

I will try to make it available as soon as possible.